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    Apprentice numbers plummet under LNP

    The Abbott/Turnbull Government has ripped funding out of apprenticeship programs, skills training and TAFE – more than $1 billion from apprenticeships alone since taking office.
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    Unions roast Bishop over tea and scones while jobs are gone

    Queensland unions have roasted the LNP over its continuing inaction on addressing unemployment at crisis levels across the state.
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    #FakeTradie shows LNP's real intentions

    Queensland unions say the LNP’s #FakeTradie television ad fits perfectly with Malcolm Turnbull’s other policy platforms of #FakeTAFE, #FakeHealth&Safety and #FakeMedicare.
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    Paid Parental Leave



    When a baby is born, they need full-time care. But for families who need two incomes and single parents, this can be tough. For the first few weeks while mother and baby recover from birth, both parents really need to be at home. Yet there hasn’t been enough done to support new families and make sure children come first.

    In fact, the LNP has back-flipped on its promise to introduce more paid parental leave for families, and is instead trying to cut the amount of time parents have to care for their children.

    That’s why so many Queensland families are campaigning to make sure employers and the government ensure families who work are still able to give our children the nurturing they need.
    Babies do best when they are cared for by a parent, full-time for their first 6 months. And when parents are back at work, families need affordable early education and care.

    Making sure every new family can give a child this start in life is something employers and the government need to provide, together.

    A full-time wage for the first six months of a child’s life, and affordable early education and care when parents are back at work is the best way to create a bright future for all of our kids.

    Raising the next generation as best as we can is everyone’s responsibility.

    To download this information, click here: 

    To sign the petition click here: https://www.megaphone.org.au/petitions/time-together-time-to-grow-support-paid-parental-leave

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    Secure Jobs Inquiry

    The Queensland Parliament is undertaking an Inquiry into the practices of the Labour Hire Industry in Queensland. Labour Hire Companies have been have been making their way into many industries , undermining permanent employment and undercutting wages and conditions.

    In some cases they have done this by avoiding their obligations as employers, underpaying their staff and putting profits before livelihoods.

    If you have have a story about how labour hire has impacted your working life we’re keen to hear it.

    Make your submission here: https://www.securejobsqld.org.au/



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    To the Liberal National Federal Government: We demand a fair taxation system

    To the Liberal-National Federal Government 

    All Australians should contribute their fair share to ensure our government can continue to provide critical public services like healthcare and education. The wealth of our richest companies should be shared with all Australians.

    But the costs on the budget from tax loopholes for multinationals, and tax concessions for the wealthy continue to take their toll. Last year, one-in-five large private companies paid no tax.

    According to the Tax Justice Network Australia, of Australia’s largest 200 publicly listed companies, 1-in-3 had an effective tax rate of less than 10 per cent, while 1-in-7 paid 0 per cent.

    One of the Liberal-National’s first acts in office was to roll back measures to tackle profit shifting and improving tax transparency — effectively handing back $1.1 billion to big global firms.

    Now they want to include exemptions so that family-owned companies don’t have to declare publicly how much tax they have paid — because the wealthy are worried about their children being kidnapped. 

    This needs to change and we need a system in which everyone pays their fair share. 

    179 signatures

    As Australians we are calling on you to ensure Australia has a fair taxation system in which everyone pays their fair share, everyone gets the opportunity they deserve, services are fully funded, and transparency is maintained. 

    Will you sign?

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