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    Minimum Wage decision misses opportunity to kickstart economy

    Today’s Fair Work Commission decision for a $16 per week increase in the weekly minimum wage has missed an opportunity to inject life into a sluggish economy.
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    Unions will work with business to squeeze Abbott's PPL 'lemon'

    Unions say the federal government is misleading Queenslanders in its attempts to justify its proposed budget cuts to paid parental leave.
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    Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey - Don't Take Away Paid Parental Leave for 80,000 Australian Families


    Please stand alongside mums, dads and families and add your name to our petition.

    Dear Tony and Joe

    You broke your promise! Looking after a new child is one of the most important jobs in the world. Please don’t cut working parents’ rights to the current 18 weeks paid parental leave. 

    The Abbott Government is attempting the unthinkable by ripping away the federally funded Paid Parental Leave entitlement from over half of new mothers.

    When delivering the “Mother of All Insults” on Mother’s Day Treasurer Joe Hockey said people who accessed both were “double-dipping”.

    Not satisfied, Joe Hockey later asserted that families who accessed both employer and the government payments were committing fraud.

    Not one to be left behind, Liberal Social Services Minister Scott Morrison told Sky News that he thought receiving universal Paid Parental Leave from the government, as well as hard earned entitlements from an employer was a “rort”.

    Women who have accessed both the Government PPL and employer PPL are not double dipping, committing fraud or rorting. 
    They are, in fact, using PPL as it was originally intended.

    “The financial support provided by this Act is intended to complement and supplement existing entitlements to paid or unpaid leave in connection with the birth or adoption of a child.” (Paid Parental Leave Act 2010)

    Australian women are not “double-dipping” but are being “double crossed”.


    Nearly 80,000 new mothers would be prevented from taking the $11,500 available under the federal government’s scheme because they work for private sector companies with existing schemes.

    This is nearly half of all currently eligible women (47%).

    If Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey succeed in their plans, we know that the first thing that will happen is that nearly 80,000 Australian families will miss out on their proper entitlements. The second thing to happen is that employers across the country, and en masse, will respond to these new restrictions by dumping many of their own schemes that were won by the collective effort and sacrifice of workers over the last 30 years. 

    Will you sign the petition and call on Abbott to reverse the cuts to Paid Parental Leave?


    1,328 signatures

    Will you sign?

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    Workers' Memorial Day 2015

    On Tuesday 28 April, thousands of workers, families and community members gathered in Emma Miller Place to Remember the Dead, and Fight for the Living on International Workers' Memorial Day. 
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