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    The Liberal National Government's Gameplan for Australian Workers.

    Unions have rejected the Productivity Commission’s plan to attack workers’ rights and conditions and have made many submissions and organised rallies outside Productivity Commission hearings to make sure they got the message. 

    The Productivity Commission’s final report will be released by the end of November. You can help by signing here and saying you won't stand by while your hard-fought for rights and conditions like penalty rates, the right to negotiate collectively,  and the right to unfair dismissal protection with due process are attacked. 

    28 signatures

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  • Featured petition

    To the Liberal National Federal Government: We demand a fair taxation system

    As Australians we are calling on you to ensure Australia has a fair taxation system in which everyone pays their fair share, everyone gets the opportunity they deserve, services are fully funded, and transparency is maintained. 

    169 signatures

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    Unions launch media campaign to protect penalty rates

    Unions are today launching a concerted media campaign to stop wage cuts for some of Queensland’s lowest paid workers.
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