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    Election uncertainty shows voters reject LNP tax plan

    Queensland unions say yesterday’s undecided verdict shows Australians have rejected the LNP's plan to put corporate tax cuts ahead of decent health and education funding and addressing the jobs crisis.
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    Campaigning to build a better future until the last vote is cast

    Queensland unions have vowed to campaign until polls close today in a bid to fight for local jobs, protect Medicare, restore Gonski funding, and to protect weekend penalty rates.
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    IR silence will drive voters to put the LNP last

    Malcolm Turnbull’s silence on Productivity Commission recommendations to cut penalty rates and introduce enterprise contracts will drive more Queenslanders to put the LNP last in tomorrow’s federal election.
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    What is Workers' Compensation?

    The Queensland Workers’ Compensation Scheme provides coverage to Queensland workers who sustain a work-related injury or illness which prevents them from working and/or the work-related injury requires medical treatment.
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    There are strict timelines attached to a number of key areas under the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme.
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    From making a claim to lodging an appeal

    Explaining the process of making a claim and, if required, lodging an appeal.
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    Join A Union

    To protect your rights at work the best thing you can do is join a union. Union members get specialist advice and support from our network of expert staff and workplace delegates.

    Click here to fill out an inquiry form (Takes you to Australian Unions website)

    Know which union you want to join? Visit our Affiliates page for contact information.



    Unions provide professional assistance with:

    • Your wages and entitlements
    • Unfair treatment and harassment at work
    • Work related injuries or illness
    • Collective bargaining for better pay and conditions
    • Superannuation


    Union fees are around $10 per week, but can be higher or lower, depending on how much you earn or how many hours you work per week. These fees are also fully tax deductible.


    All Australian workers have the right to join a union. Whether you work as a casual or permanent staff member, part time or full time, in a large or small business, in an office or outdoors — there is a union to represent you.

    As a union member, you can take advantage of the collective buying power of almost 2 million members to get big discounts from a great range of products and services. From banking and home loans to car buying and movie tickets. FIND OUT MORE.


    Union fees are fully tax deductible.


    Union members are in a stronger position to secure higher pay and conditions through collective bargaining. The more workers that are in a union, the better chance they have of getting a good deal.

    Employees that are under a union collective agreement earn on average $100 a week more than other employees.

    Union members also get better sick leave and holiday leave entitlements and are more likely to receive long service leave and paid maternity leave.

    Union members are better trained, have better working conditions, work fewer hours and have more job security.


    The number one priority of unions is to ensure the safety of their members at work. Evidence shows that union representation makes a difference. Having union members in the workplace increases Health and Safety awareness by up to 70%.

    If you would like to know more why, not give us a call on 1300 4 UNION (1300 486 466) or you can use our inquiry form here.

    Click here to fill out an inquiry form (Takes you to Australian Unions website)

    Know which union you want to join? Visit our Affiliates page for contact information.

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